NEW, mobile battery charging machine. Secured mobile battery charging for your customers.

Let us introduce you to the first mobile charging machine in the market, free for customers.


  • Imagine a customer that often asks you to charge their mobile phone, in this case an iPhone.
  • Imagine that you leave it on a food paper order, a waiter picks up the order and accidentally the iPhone falls on the floor, a mobile phone that might cost up to 1.300 Euros.
  • Imagine that the iPhone has crashed out and fallen into a water bucket.

Your insurance company will not cover that, because the local insurance will only cover it when it is clearly proved that it was:

  • An accident because local activity. Mobile charging is not an activity belonging to the local.
  • An accident because faulty product. The mobile phone is not a product of the local.
  • An accident because the local state. That activity is not affected by the local state.

You will have to pay the 1.300 Euros in the shape of an iPhone to the customer. This might be a daily risk, right?
But this has changed…

The customers can themselves charge their mobile phones in a secured way. With our financing the machine costs 1,5 Euros/day, but now we’ve got it in launching offer at 1,1 Euros/day (5 years). Summarising:

  • Without the machine the customer will leave the local with your 1.300 euros in their pocket, and you will not see them again.
  • With the machine, the 1,1 Euros will remain on the wall waiting to charge any other new customer’s mobile phone, while they buy something to spend the charging time.
  • It’s truth indeed, the mobile incident might not happen in 10 years’ time, but it can also happen 3 times at once in a day. The risk happens certainly every day.





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